"I came here three months ago with some bad back and shoulders.  I was concerned and with the guidance of the team here at Texas Joint and Spine I've felt the better than I have in a long time.  The adjustments and exercises were gradual, but tough enough every time the workload increased.  At the end, I was doing workouts pain free.  The best part of the experience was the team.  They were almost like a second family to me over the last three months.  The were so supportive, approachable and honest.  I can't wait to come back and visit.   Thank You!"                                                             - Patrick 

"After 8 years in the army, the only standing tall I did was in my mind. With the help of the staff and doctors here I stand mentally and physically tall. I used to have a horrible slouch and a slight limp when I walked. The persistence and patience of the staff helped me overcome the obstacles I was facing and helped me take my health into my own hands. I no longer slouch and can walk for miles with no limp! Thank you so much to the doctors and staff at Texas Joint and Spine!"

                                            - Nikolas

"Before I came to Texas Joint and Spine, I was in constant pain in my lower back. After 12 weeks of therapy, I feel so much better! I can sit and bend more comfortably, my core is way stronger, and most importantly I’m not in pain! This location is full of great people and they have really helped me to be healthy!"

                        - Bridgette

"I am so pleased with my overall rehab.  I have lost about 12 pounds and over several inches.  My back and knee pain has totally decreased.  My posture pictures before and after are really encouraging.  I would recommend this place to my friends and family.  The staff is simply amazing and I am going to miss you all."

                                            - Niomia

"My posture, lower back and knee are like new! When I first came to Texas Joint and Spine my knee, lower back, and posture were a complete mess. My knee hurt to walk and stand but now I can take the stars at work. My lower back hurt after long periods of sitting but now I’m pain free. I didn’t realize my posture was so bad, now I can stand upright. Thanks to Texas Joint and Spine, I feel like a new person. Thanks for making all this possible!"

                                            - DeVonna

"Before coming to Texas Joint and Spine for help, I was in enough pain on a daily basis that it was affecting most aspects of my life. I couldn’t get out of bed without constant pain. I couldn’t even complete a workout to try and fix the problem on my own. The treatment here completely turned that around. The expertise and friendliness of the staff here convinced me to sign up and I don’t regret it one second. After my prescribed amount of treatments of spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and trigger point massages. I can say I am completely pain free today."

                                            - Randy

"I feel more aligned now.  The team here makes every effort to provide an environment which promotes motivation and persistence.  Thanks for making this process enjoyable."

                   - Leslie

"I didn't really know much about coming to a chiropractor, but I am glad that I made the tiem to visit.  The doctors, staff and front desk always made me feel welcome and showed concern for my progress.  I have noticed improvements at work and with my marathon training.  I will continue to work on these exercieses to continue my improvements.  Thanks once again for making this experience very pleasant."

                                            - Michael

"I came because I had neck and back issues that caused me pain periodically.  My neck actually made it difficult for me to fall asleep at night.  About a month into treatment, I found myself able to fall asleep in a short period of time.  Now that I'm done I can physically feel a change in both my neck and back and I believe this is one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Thank You!"

                          - Payton

"I came to Texas Joint and Spine with 20+ years of lower back pain, neck pain, and very painful glutes. Carrying a toddler also gave me a lot of pain in my shoulder. After my 36 treatments, my neck and shoulder pain are completely healed, and I’m well on my way to strengthening my core and back. It’s so wonderful to not be in severe pain 24/7. And now I feel strong enough to go back to the gym and keep getting stronger and healthier. THANK YOU ALL!!"

                                            - Amanda

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