Poor posture is not a choice or a sign of laziness. It is an early warning sign of health issues.


For ages, people have sensed that poor posture is a predictor of poor health. With today’s health care advances the state of your posture can reveal signs of hidden damage and otherwise undetected health issues.


Through a brief posture screening, we can help you get ahead of health issues that may be lurking just below the surface and head them off.

Spinal Posture Screening

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"After 8 years in the army, the only standing tall I did was in my mind. With the help of the staff and doctors here I stand mentally and physically tall. I used to have a horrible slouch and a slight limp when I walked. The persistence and patience of the staff helped me overcome the obstacles I was facing and helped me take my health into my own hands. I no longer slouch and can walk for miles with no limp! Thank you so much to the doctors and staff at Texas Joint and Spine!"

                               - Nikolas

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