Rehabilitative Services

In any treatment plan, once the pain is relieved, rehabilitation is the next logical step. Studies have shown that without rehabilitation of injured areas, recovery from an acute injury or chronic condition takes longer and the potential for re-injury

remains high.

Rehabilitation therapy

can help improve

flexibility, increase

muscle strength, and

enhance balance and

coordination. For each

patient, a rehabilitation

program will be custom

designed for you with

the goal of expediting

the recovery process

and preventing re-injury.

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"I have had years of headaches and multiple trips to the Dr. for numbness in my lower lip. They ran all sorts of tests and MRI's trying to figure out what was wrong, to no avail. One stop at the Taste of Dallas for a free massage changed it all. Not only do I have better balance and posture, my core is stronger and my previous symptoms have fled from the fear Texas Joint and Spine instilled in them. I would recommend to anyone!"

                             - Brenna

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