Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves ‘hands on’ therapeutic procedures designed to promote blood flow, relaxation, and healing in injured areas. The target tissue of manual therapy is the connective tissue in the musculoskeletal system. This connective tissue holds muscle fibers in groups to make a muscle and to hold muscles together. These structures also attach muscle to bone, bone to bone, skin to fat, and fat to muscle.


Manual therapy involves applying deep

pressure and slow, penetrating strokes

generally along the length of the muscles.

It is a soft tissue manipulation and

releases restricted areas of the muscles.

It is usually not painful, but can be

very intense.

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"I was having issues with my knee, hip, shoulder, and lower back, I decided to try it out.  Upon hearing my diagnosis, I wasn't too thrilled with my physical state, but had an immediate sense of trust with the team. Through a progressive series of exercise and otions my pain and discomfort were relieved and over the course of 3 months I feel brand new again.  The team at Texas Joint and Spine alwasy warmly greeted me and made my rehabilitation enjoyable and worthwhile.  Iam so grateful to the team and wish them the best."                                                                 - Kevin

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