Joint Injections

Ligaments are the “rubber bands” within the structure of joints that hold the joints together.


Due to their limited blood supply, when injured, ligaments are often slow to heal. They also tend to heal incompletely. Worse yet, because ligaments contain large numbers of nerve endings, you are likely to experience more pronounced pain in an injured ligament.


At our office, specialized injections into the joint can be used to improve blood and thus supply nutrients to the damaged area. This promotes faster and more complete healing within the joint itself.

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"Before I came to Texas Joint and Spine, I was in constant pain in my lower back. After 12 weeks of therapy, I feel so much better! I can sit and bend more comfortably, my core is way stronger, and most importantly I’m not in pain! This location is full of great people and they have really helped me to be healthy!"

                                 - Bridgette

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