Knee Pain

3 Major Causes

1) Direct Trauma - Sports injury or hit to the knee

2) Structural Misalignment - When the alignment of your back and hips are out of place, this will cause a domino effect to your knees

3) Nerve Interruption - Narrowing of the nerve canal can interrupt nerve flow to limb

What Can I Do?

We look to find the underlying cause of pain not just the symptoms. We do so by looking at all 3 major causes of dysfunction.

When your front end alignment is out on your car, you will notice the tires wear on some parts and not others. If you were to just change the tires out you would not fix the problem. When you fix the alignment, YOU FIX THE PROBLEM.


"I came to Texas joint and Spine because of back and neck pain, fatigue, and my knees gave out several times a day. After about a week of coming, I was able to turn my neck more so I could see better while driving. As I have come, my knees have given out less and less and now they don;t give out at all! As far as my neck and back go, they hurt a lot less, and my range of motion has improved a ton. I have enjoyed coming because of the friendly nature of the staff and open environment. I love how much better my neck, back, and knees feel and I love that the treatment works!"

- Sarah

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