The human head weighs between 8 to 12 pounds and represents 8% of the total body mass. In a neutral position the head feels as if it weighs nothing because the body is perfectly balanced. When the postural muscles are lost from unresolved TRAUMA, INACTIVE LIFESTYLE, and POOR ERGONOMICS the head begins to move forward. For every inch your head moves forward away from its neutral posture, the head feels as if it's weight has doubled. Now the tension and stress are placed on the upper back, neck muscles and cervical spine due to the effects of gravity.

The additional weight placed on the neck muscles are translated to the back, front and sides of the head. Now you have over worked the stressed muscles on your head causing a HEADACHE!

The muscles play major roles in distorting and compressing the neck's bony framework leading to pain-spasm pain cycles.


"When I started I was in pain most of the time. I had headaches/migraines almost constantly. My back and neck pain was horrible as well. As of today, I rarely suffer from headaches. I can stand all day at work with little discomfort, and my back pain has significantly decreased. They gave me the steps and support I needed to feel better. It has also helped me feel strong again. Thank you to the entire team!"

- Shannon

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