Neck/Upper Back Pain

Forward heads and rounded shoulders are the most commonly treated postural faults. Myoskeletal pain syndrome develop from unresolved TRAUMA, INACTIVE LIFESTYLE, and POOR ERGONOMICS. Society's transition from an active group of movers to a sedentary bunch of sitters have created a flexion-addicted population with bodies at war with gravity.

A = Tight Muscle Line: Spasmodic muscles cross from the base of the head to front of chest.


B = Weak Muscle Line: The over-stretched and injured postural muscles, crosses from front of neck to the upper back.

Tight and weak muscles play a major role in distorting and compressing the body's bony framework leading to pain-spasm-pain cycles and arthritis. The ARC Method allows the body to regain function, symmetry, and muscular balance.



"When I first started at Texas joint and Spine I was not in the best shape. I was close to almost needing surgery for my neck. As a result, I began therapy that following week to make sure I would not ever get to the point of having surgery as my only option. First few days, I was shy but they were very nice to me. Few weeks in, they grew to me, having this amazing bond and friendship. Enjoying the surroundings, I started to see my progress slowly but surely. In the end, I've been able to feel the difference between how I was and how I am now. I thank them all for pushing me to do better. I will continue to progress forward!"

- Taylor

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