What Causes Whiplash?

  • Automobile Accidents

  • A sudden blow to the head from a contact sport such as rugby, boxing, karate, or football.

  • A cycling or horse riding accident

  • Any fall which causes the head to violently jolt backwards

  • Being hit on the head with a heavy object

The muscle imbalances play a major role in distorting and compressing the body's bony framework leading to pain-spasm-pain cycles and arthritis.

Stages of Healing Following soft tissue injury:

       Acute Inflammation

                                   72 Hours


                                  72 hours to 6-8 weeks


                                 6-8 weeks to 6-12 months

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"On top of the accommodating years of spinal imaging, I'm a nurse and student, and was in a rollover car accident. I came to Texas Joint and Spine with neck and hip pain, plus some pesky lingering and balance issues. Now I am still a nurse and student, but I am also back to the Crossfit Gym without fear of losing my balance or hip pain. Thank you to everyone at Texas joint and Spine for improving my Life!"

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