Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. The spine is also called the back bone. The sideways curve can be an "S" or "C" shape. Scoliosis usually occurs during a growth spurt prior to puberty but can develop later in life. Everyone should be screened for scoliosis by performing a simple exam.

Our doctors are trained to identify scoliosis through a manual examination. If scoliosis is present a doctor of chiropractic can identify muscle imbalances. Our doctors can design a rehabilitation program of appropriate stretches and strengthening therapy to slow the progression and help alleviate pain. Our doctors look at the whole body and identify other areas that may be affected by scoliosis including the shoulders, hips, and neck.


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"I came to Texas Joint and Spine with 20+ years of lower back pain, neck pain, and very painful glutes. Carrying a toddler also gave me a lot of pain in my shoulder. After my 36 treatments, my neck and shoulder pain are completely healed, and I’m well on my way to strengthening my core and back. It’s so wonderful to not be in severe pain 24/7. And now I feel strong enough to go back to the gym and keep getting stronger and healthier. THANK YOU ALL!!"    - Amanda

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